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    The quality of products in our company is accordance with the International Standard.  We strictly control the quality in every step of producing and selling in conformity with the form of Total Quality Control.
1. Quality inspection begins from the first working procedure:  confirming the checkout quality for raw material ––– the testing report of the raw material and the observation results by the checker from a random sample.
2. Testing raw material before producing:  lab testing results by physics and chemistry, observation results. Checking against the testing reports and the random sample must be up to grade.
3. After products being produced in the machines, Technology Department must make sure again for the specification, colors, designs, etc. and check against the samples of the client.
4. Every step in producing must be checked out by Quality Inspection Department for quality of observation and by Technology Department for physical and chemical testing.  As all of these testing are up to grade, the producing can be continued. 
 The first produced sample must be confirmed by the special quality inspector who is taking charge for quality of the contract and then send to the client for confirmation.
6. Stop producing while the client dissatisfies the sample.  Improve the producing in conformity with the comments of the client.  Do not produce until the client satisfies.
7. Quality Inspection Department must make sure the quality of observation (Observing by the criterion of the International 4 Grade Standard) and physical and chemical testing results from the finished setting processes.
8. Meter the quantity in 100% before the products shipping out of our factory.  Strictly carry out the International Standard and the special requirements from the client.
9. Packing strictly complying with the stipulation of the contract.  Achieving the packing standard for sea or air and packing quantity between the stipulated more or less and so on.
10.  Before declaring to the Custom to export, our products must be inspected again by China Import and Export Commodities Inspection Bureau.  Do not ship until quality is up to grade.
11.  Our products may also be inspected by an International Inspection Company (such as: ITS Company) that the client prefers.  Do not ship out of the factory until being up to grade.


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